I pride myself on producing the most unique images around. I personally think the best photos are made when the person/child is at there most natural state. Before thinking about doing a photo shoot either for yourself or your child that everybody does certain actions/traits that will make an amazing photo. Bringing out those traits/actions are the recipe for creating a truly amazing frame. I never force any of my ideas on to anybody I work with or try and get a certain pose or image. Yes I have idea's in my head for what i'm trying to achieve but these again are adapted too whatever is in front of me. I can honestly say I go into every shoot with an open mind and a creative eye. I can guarantee that you will create some amazing memories from the frames I give you.

I am also a keen model myself so I have had a lot of experience in front of the camera as well as behind the camera. This part of career has given me the chance to see what its like to be the subject and being leaded by another photographer. Picking up certain ways to direct someone and discovering what has made things easier is a big point for me. This will ensure the images come out naturally great.

Back when I was younger I was a really keen artist and excelled really well. I chose to go down a different route and choose sports and training. Only to find myself many years later that I still have the passion for being creative and I have loved it ever since!

If you have any questions about me or any of my services then please get in touch: shane@mythicframes.co.uk


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